HeartBEAT ::

Capturing the Stories of Policing & Reentry

Using theater to create dialogue on reentry, policing and the role of police in their communities.

HeartBEAT Makes the Private work of Theater for Humanity Available for Public Storytelling & Dialogue.

HeartBEAT contains the stories, the voices of Theater for Humanity. The stories of the artists, participants and all who are touched by Theater for Humanity are captured by the work of HeartBEAT. The modes of expression include an online journal, theater, poetry, performance art, film and  video production. 


To violently attack; to lose; to be exhausted. Beat. A rhythm to a song. Beat. An area or place where a police officer patrols. The Heartbeat is the universal sign of life. The Heartbeat is the core of our very being. Theater for Humanity is the sum of many heartbeats. Violence, exhaustion, having given up, police territory and the art, the musicality, the rhythm of it all is what HeartBEAT captures.

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