The definition of community is a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

Community Dialogue That Creates A Culture of Empathy

Theater for Humanity stimulates far-reaching and nuanced conversations pertaining to a global issue that touches every corner of the world.


The community dialogue is designed to support community members coming together to share in a space where no one is burdened to carry the weight oppression. All are truly equal in this space the only thing that distinguishes everyone is their personal story.


The participants lead the community in a dialogue following each performance. Audience members share the personal experiences that connect to the themes in the play.


The audience members have the opportunity to discuss solutions to the problems facing their community. These are the problems revealed in the performance.

Common Ground

The participants leave with a common ground and a foundation for future dialogue and reconciliation.

Public Education

The community dialogues will enhance public understanding of the challenges facing the problem on every side: the police, the formerly incarcerated and those who serve and support both.